Bloxburg Post #3

I feel that I am doing very good On the learning logs. For this week I will be creating an Ice cream truck, This is a harder task because it requires many shapes and you have to re-size the shapes to make it the exact, like when making the wheels. My Goal For the end of this Project is to build a big city!. Other then the Ice cream truck, lemonade stand, and offices, I am building A California Mansion and a Hospital. For my Inspiration on both of these things, I looked them up for ideas on google, and found many that I liked so I built from The photo! I hope that others can learn from my builds like I learned from others!

Bloxburg Builds, Post 2

From this video I learned how to make a lot, But my favorite thing to make was the Juice maker!. I liked that one a lot because it is different, because No one has ever done a Juice maker before. This helped me because some of the things it used I never knew bloxburg had, And with those things I can make different things, like a Coffee maker, An Ice cream maker, an soda dispenser and etc. I wonder how can I make something that No one has ever done, How can I get to a advanced person? The next thing that I am doing for My project is A Master Bedroom in very different styles, Coastal, Modern and Aesthetic.

Bloxburg builds Post 1

For My 6 week project I will be learning how to get better at building Bloxburg houses. I feel that A Lot of people can learn from me, I think this because Many people ask for People to build them houses and sometimes the houses that other builders build are not very good!. I feel by the end of this 6 week project that I will be a Advance builder, And that I will know and be able to do all of the building hacks.